What's Expected

  • On time arrival. If by some chance you're Running late, a phone call (please leave a message) or text is expected to avoid appointment cancellation. 
  • Professional visit every visit. Strictly Business. Anything else is uncivilized and will be address immediately.
  • At least 10 minutes early arrival for First time visit to allow time for health assessment, get acquainted and find out what your expectations are for your visit..... 
  • This is your time to relax and escape. Vibrate or off your Cell phone. During your treatment if you would like to chat , we"ll chat if that helps you to relax...But if you prefer silence with just sounds of soothing tunes and nature sweet melodies, I want you to feel comfortable doing so.
  • A few minutes to get dress and Recollect yourself after your session. I don't expect you to rush....
  • Payment is to be collected at the time of  your appointment Cash or Credit Cards are accepted. No refunds, No negotiating.
  • Follow up phone call, email, or text to check in and see how your doing and feeling 24 hrs after your visit.

A perfect destination to enjoy a full day, half day.
or just 15 mins of  stress relief

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