Spa Services

Invigorating treatment for those hard working aching feet. Enjoy a relaxing warm soak, foot scrub, cuticle cleaning, a masque foot wrap and a delightful foot and leg massage.  Help revive, re-hydrate and replenish your feet for another day's work.

Heavenly Hands $40  
Soothing treatment beneficial for tired exerted hands. Enjoy a relaxing warm soak, hand scrub, cuticle cleaning, hot paraffin mask, and a wonderful hand and arm massage.  Instantly soften skin improve circulation, elasticity,and relax muscles.

Body Exfoliate $85
A great treatment that can be scented or unscented. Using a Sugar Scrub for more sensitive skin or Dead Sea Salts, to assist with skin conditions associated with eczema or psoriasis. Restore your body's radiance and scrub away dry skin, to reveal new fresh skin cell regeneration with a healthy satiny-smooth texture. 

Body Bliss $150
All Mud and Masques assist the body in purging toxins while hydrating and healing tried, damaged skin. This relaxing treatment is bound to make a blissful smile. Start with a stimulating exfoliation followed with a warm luxurious pampering cocoon wrap to seal in moisture, rejuvenate the body and protect the skin.
  • Sedona and French Red Clay (effective antioxidant and anti-aging formula that purges toxins)
  • Dead Sea and Chamomile  (helps soothe, heal and cleanse)
  • Seaweed and French Green Clay (detox, refresh and renew and remove impurities)
  • Marine Algae (renew strength and vitality into undernourished skin) 
  • Garden Mint Algae (restore minerals and vitamins and a radiant glow to the complexion) 

Virtuous Hands By Kim
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